Regiolab-Delft has been collecting and disseminating traffic data since 1999.

Most of the data and services are available through a web interface. Some of it is publicly available, some of it is restricted to participants in the Regiolab-Delft and/or DiTTLab project, or because abuse can severly overload our server requiring a mechanism to lock out abusers. If you feel you should have access to the restricted data, contact Peter Knoppers (p.knoppers AT

This site used to run the Drupal content management system. This enabled us to run a forum system. All forum functionality has been moved to the DiTTLab project. Without the need for forum functionality, the Drupal system was merely a computer security risk that we rather live without. Most of the services and data access forms are now available as static html forms that are call various scripts that select requested bits from huge amounts of data. If you miss a service or data feed that you want restored, please contact Peter Knoppers.