Welcome to Regiolab-Delft.nl

This is the new web site for the Regiolab-Delft project.

On this site traffic data is presented that is acquired in the Regiolab-Delft area. The data is primarily intended for traffic research.
We have a huge database containing minute data from the inductive loop detectors and variable message signs on the national highways in the province of South Holland. Access to the actual data is restricted to members of the Regiolab-Delft project. We have more local data from traffic control systems in the municipality Delft.


Want to use the data?
A lot of data is available to everyone (no registration required). In some cases access has to be limited in order to be able to fend off abusers. The rest is available for students and educational organizations. To gain access to the data, please email P<dot>Knoppers<at>TUDelft<dot>nl. In your message write:


  • your full name
  • who you are
  • who you work for
  • why you want or need access to the data
  • the name you want to use to log in

This site used to have a register yourself policy with approval by the site maintainers, but the number of malicious registration attempts has made this unmanageable