Traffic data for all A-roads in the Netherlands by BPS code

Starting May 29th 2017 we have a new data feed for traffic data on the A-roads in the Netherlands.


This service is intended for the participating parties in the regiolab-Delft project. Rijkswaterstaat has decided that all delivery of traffic data for real time traffic information should go through their TIC (traffic information center). Therefore, our database will not allow non-participants access to recent data.

Description Format Value Remarks
BPS codes hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh required
Start date yyyymmdd required
End date yyyymmdd defaults to start date
Start time hhmm required
End time hhmm defaults to start time
Aggregate mmmm number of minutes to group together
Output only reliable data Boolean some Monica data is flagged unreliable
Output missing values as -1 Boolean missing data is not output by default
Output format text override the default format of the output

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The output format is described here.