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South Holland
Convert Road number + direction + distance to a map location in South Holland.
Convert road number + direction + dvkletter + distance to a map location in the Netherlands.
RD <-> WGS84
Convert RD (Dutch RijksDriehoek) coordinates to and from WGS84 coordinates.
Decode RWS BPS code.

Highway traffic data

Restricted to registered usersRetrieve Highway Traffic Data since May 29th 2017 by road, direction and distance
Restricted to registered usersRetrieve Highway Traffic Data since May 29th 2017 by BPS code
Restricted to registered usersWhich Rijkswaterstaat detectors were operational on a date?


Retrieve data of A-roads in the province of South Holland.

Restricted to registered usersRetrieve Highway Traffic Data
Monica: Roadway data (Januari 2000 - August 31, 2006).
Simone: Lane data (May 24, 2006 - 2016).
Restricted to registered usersHighway traffic data - table input version
Retrieve highway traffic data using the old version for data input.
The format of the Simone data output is described here.

Victor Knoop wrote two matlab scripts to aggregate the data returned by these services aggregateData.m and readRLdataVLK.m. You may adapt and modify this code for your own uses.

Meta Data

Other site-related data

Performance of the various data sources.

Municipality of Delft road data

Retrieve data of the Municipality of Delft

Detector data
Detector data and traffic light flank data of Municipality of Delft.
Camera detections
Retrieve data of camera detections (no current data).


Retreive data from the weather station.

Weather data
Data from weather station at TU Delft University of Technology.

Direct SQL interface

SQL interface to the PostgreSQL database

Restricted to registered usersDirect SQL
Use with care.
Database structure
Structure of the postgreSQL database.

Helicopter traffic flow observations

About one hundred thousand high resolution images taken using helicopter flights over various highways in the Netherlands.

External link; data stored at 3TU library Data Center

Image processing software

We have developed software to stabilize and orthorectify images, find moving objects in those images and to link those moving objects into trajectories.

Data logger software

We have developed data logger software that converts any Java-capable computer into a data logger.